The Structure

Learn the best from product management, for your life.

In this book, you will find proven strategies from product management with their powerful application to personal life, as well as real-world examples, and anecdotes you can relate to.

  • How to manage value and prioritize effectively
  • What is (product) discovery, and how to do it in life
  • Lean and agile principles and frameworks
  • Improving interactions
  • Metrics to track and measure progress and adjust

Whether you are involved in product management for work or not, you’ll enjoy discovering the shared tools, practices and tricks, and get impactful results using them.

Why Choose This Book?

Here's what makes this book a must-have for your collection.

Practical Insights

This book is a blend of professional expertise and personal realizations, offering readers a refreshing perspective on life and work.


Discover how principles from product management can be innovatively applied to life situations for optimal results.


Every page of this book is filled with insights, tips and frameworks, making it a worthy addition to your collection.

Experienced Author

Drawing from years of expertise in product management, the author shares valuable insights and cross-applicable skills.

Miloš Belčević

The author is a seasoned product manager who has created and scaled products in numerous industries, contributing to the success of organizations ranging from an MIT startup, to international corporations. Currently focused on writing, full-time role at a leading corporation, consulting at Toptal, and speaking internationally.

"Product thinking is not just about the products we build, but the lives we lead and the impact we make. Product thinking, for me, extends beyond the product management profession domain and into our everyday lives and choices."

Change your everyday life with Product Wisdom

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